Engaged! Now what?

Congratulations on your engagement. Once the initial shock of being engaged wears off (and you take a second to peel your eyes away from that sparkly ring on your finger!), you’ll need to make a lot of decisions. Here are the 10 most important things you need to do to really kick off your wedding planning.

1. Call your Relatives & Close Friends

Yes it will be very tempting to post a picture of your perfect ring on social media- Stop right there- Call your relatives and close friends to first announce your engagement. No one like to be the last to know.

2. Have your Ring Sized & Insured

You will be busy showing off your new sparkle but you do not want to risk having it slide off your finger.

3. Set a Date- Even if its not the real “Date”

Everyone will be congratulating you and asking “So when’s the wedding?” Start thinking about the season and year that you want – Even if it’s not the exact date. For example maybe you know you want it next fall or early 2017. This will help your relatives and friends make a mental date note of the big day. This also leads you into the direction to start planning.

4. Start Daydreaming

Close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding. Start looking at Bridal Magazines, The Knot & Wedding Wire and Pinterest for ideas. This will help you develop and envision your wants and needs for the wedding.

5. Set a Budget

Sit down with your family and discuss who will be contributing to the wedding costs.

6. Draft a Guest List

Start a list of family members, friends and co-workers that you would like to invite to your wedding. This also will be associated with your budget.

7. Ask your Wedding Party

Now its your turn to propose to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Remember, the earlier you ask, the sooner you can enlist their help. And keep in mind that your wedding party is agreeing to spend their hard-earned money and donate their precious time — be considerate and kind by informing everyone about all your plans.

8. Book a Venue (Wyndham Garden York) & Set Date

Its best to book your Wedding venue as soon as possible. Dates fill up fast and this will be a huge lift off your shoulders. The Wyndham Garden offers an on-site wedding coordinator to assist with your Engagement Party, Bridal Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Overnight Accommodations for Guests, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Post Wedding Celebration & Post Wedding Brunch.  Bonus: By signing your venue contract, you will officially have your wedding date (congratulations!)!

9. Book Vendors

Many top wedding vendors book more than a year in advance. Here at the Wyndham Garden we can assist you with finding the perfect DJ, Photographer, and Officiant. Bonus- Our wedding packages already include catering, wedding cake, linens and floral centerpieces.

10. Shop Dresses

Start by looking at dresses online. Research different silhouettes, necklines, trains and hues that might flatter you.